shop front photo

Find us at 8 Forrest Road, EH1 2QN.

We are open 8:30am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday  and 12pm - 4.00pm Saturday

Breakfast menu:

  • New gluten-free, vegan granola.
  • Homemade vegan granola
  • Homemade porridge (traditional, cinnamon spiced; very berry)
  • plus a full range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

We also serve hot chocolate from the Chocolate Tree and a range of cakes and snacks from the healthy to the indulgent all day.

And, naturally, 6 soups every day for lunch. Our seasonal soups this month are:

  • Caldo verde - chorizo, potato and kale (df, gf)
  • Curried chickpea and spinach (vegan; gf)
  • Tomato, roast sweet pepper and harissa (vegan; df, gf)

You will find these on the menu every day for the month. Our other soups change daily so please check out the full weekly menu on Facebook and twitter.

Monday 27 Oct
Celtic Kelpie - chicken with almond, kale and dulse seaweed (gf)
Lebanese lentil, lemon and spinach (vegan; df, gf)
Moroccan harira - spiced lentil with cinnamon (vegan; df, gf)

Pickled pear with spelt, walnut and dolcelatte (veggie)
Spanish chorizo and chickpea (df, gf)

Tuesday 28 October
Caribbean chicken, coconut and rice (df, gf)
Thai-spiced yellow pepper and butternut (vegan; df, gf)
Sweet potato with coconut and tamarind (vegan; df, gf)**Great Taste Gold**

Wednesday 29 Oct
Butternut and bacon (gf)
Soup of the Arabian Nights - exotically-spiced lentil and coconut (vegan, df, gf)**Great Taste Gold**
Autumn Harvest - six vegetables with barley and kale (vegan; df)

Moroccan couscous with roast butternut and goat's cheese (veggie)
Freekeh with feta, apricot and almond (veggie)

Thursday 30 October
Scotch Broth
Mulligatawny - curried Indian vegetable with yogurt and basmati (gf)
Tomato, roast sweet pepper and harissa (vegan; df, gf)

Friday 31 Oct
Hungarian Ghoul-ash - beef, red pepper and paprika (df, gf)
Devilled pumpkin (vegan; df)
Scream of mushroom (veggie; gf)

Tagine-spiced chickpea (vegan; df, gf)
Curried cauliflower with coconut and yellow pea (vegan; df, gf)

Saturday 1st Nov
Silence of the Lambs - Scotch Broth for Hallowe'en
Carrot and coconut (vegan; df, gf)