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Cafe Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 11:00 – 16:00

Dumbo the soup van: Monday to Friday, 11:30-14:30 outside the Chrystal Macmillan building, George square

Our Aim

All packaging is compostable

We believe that soup is an amazing food. To us it’s love in a bowl. It comforts, nourishes and sustains. Here at Union of Genius we put the same attention to quality, freshness, flavour and detail into every single serving of soup.

We aim to offer you a truly great lunch and maintain our ethical approach to cooking and providing.

We do this by bringing together the best local food ingredients, cook them to well-thought-out recipes, use local suppliers, recycle and help those in need.

Reuse and Recycle for Rewards

Receive free soup when you use your own soup container or return your takeaway packaging.

Normally your loyalty points build up each time you reuse or recycle and you can have a free soup or pay it forward to someone in need. but f or the duration of the pandemic, we are providing loyalty points when you purchase and encouraging you to either compost it yourself in your food waste bin at home or work or deposit it in our hands-free bin for us to compost.

The UoG cargo bike loaded to the gunnels with veg
Percy, the first UoG cargo bike

All of our take-out packaging and cutlery is made from plant starch by Vegware. All our kitchen waste is composted and we add your returned packaging to our composting.

Carbon Tyre Print

We supply a number of cafes across Edinburgh with our soup and salads and keep delivery carbon neutral thanks to our cargo bikes.
Making our deliveries by bike means we can continue our environmentally conscious ethos which is so important to us.

What does Union of Genius mean?

We feel there are many forms of genius and wanted to bring them together to create something special. Here are some of the elements:

The Union

  • POSTER (1)-1Breads from Dough Re Mi fresh every day
  • Coffee from Artisan Roast
  • Feeding those in need via the Bethany Trust Care Van
  • Teas from eteaket
  • Artisan hot chocolates from Coco and The Chocolate Tree
  • Our amazing Kickstarter Community
  • Gluten-free cakes from Gluttony
  • Compostable takeout packaging supplied by Vegware
  • YOU

The Genius
We have an equation: (q+r)*p^h=y
q: top quality ingredients
r: imaginative recipes
p: our passion for flavours
h: every soup handmade, tasted and tweaked before it leaves the kitchen
y = your lovely lunch