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Kickstarting our Kitchen #2

POSTER (1)-1You probably guessed what I was getting at in the last blog – #SoupStarter, filming, raising cash with the help of our friends? Yes, that’s right, we’re running a new Kickstarter campaign! We’re all very excited at Soup HQ.

Launched today, we’re hoping to raise £10,000. With your help, we can expand into the new kitchen and bring even more soupy joy to Edinburgh. We chose to run a Kickstarter rather than go to the banks because we wanted to involve our supporters. We make our soup for you and we want you to feel part of our soup making. And a bank loan just can’t give you that warm bubbly feeling inside, like a delicious soup coming to the boil.

We hope that through developing new recipes, exploring retail opportunities and supplying more independent cafes, we can continue to support the food community and the work of charities such as the Bethany Care Trust. Following the amazing support we received from our last Kickstarter we began supplying Bethany and we were also able to build and run our own electric cargo bike to deliver our soup. We hope that we’ll be able to do more after this next round.

To whet your appetite, here’s a summary of some of the rewards:
Free soup! £10
Free soup, every month for a year £170
Free soup, every week for a year £550
Free soup FOREVER £800
Exclusive recipe cards x 5 £15
Picnic bag including a branded jute bag and reusable soup bowl £30

So head over to our Kickstarter site and have a look around for more rewards and more info. Please send us any comments or questions you may have and keep following #SoupStarter for all the latest soupy info.

Because you need soup. And we need you!

Amy & the team