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The Genius 

We have an equation:


q: top quality ingredients;
r: imaginative recipes
p: our passion for flavours
h: every soup handmade, tasted and tweaked before it leaves the kitchen.
y = your lovely lunch.

We believe that soup is an amazing food. To us it’s love in a bowl. It comforts, nourishes and sustains. Here at Union of Genius we put the same attention to quality, freshness, flavour and detail into every single serving of soup.
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The Union

  • Breads delivered fresh daily by Edinburgh’s artisan bakery Dough Re Mi
  • Coffee roasted and delivered weekly from Artisan Roast
  • Teas from eteaket
  • Artisan hot chocolates from Coco and The Chocolate Tree
  • Gluten-free cakes from Love Pure Cakes and Mrs C’s Cakes
  • Compostable takeout packaging supplied by Vegware, made from plant materials – cups, boxes, bowls, lids, and cutlery
  • You

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Our aim is to:

  • bring together the best local food ingredients and products
  • cook them to well-thought-out recipes
  • match them with fresh-baked artisan breads

“That way we can offer you a truly great lunch.”[/columns]