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Full Circle – our recycling scheme

Here at Union of Genius, we don’t reward you with loyalty points for buying from us. Instead, we reward you for bringing your used take-out packaging back. Why?

All of our take-out packaging and cutlery is made from plant starch by Vegware. If you drop our packaging in a landfill bin after you’ve eaten your soup, then that’s a waste of good packaging, because compostable materials don’t degrade under landfill conditions. Bring it back to us and we’ll compost it via the Edinburgh Cyrenians CORE programme. All our kitchen waste is composted by them, and we add your returned packaging to our composting. The compost grows plants, and the plants make more packaging. Help us complete the recycling circle and earn yourself free soup into the bargain!

Carbon Tyre Print

We supply a number of cafes across Edinburgh with our soup and keep delivery carbon neutral thanks to our cargo bike (recycled from old bikes) courageously steered by Bob. As we have grown we have also enlisted the considerable talents of Al (The Bike Spark) to service our own bike and get more of our delicious soup to the corners of the city. If you’d like to find out what Al can do for you feel free to contact us.

Making our deliveries by bike courier means we can continue our environmentally conscious ethos which is so important to us.