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We make soup like we think soup should be. No flour, no thickeners, no weird things. We are constantly creating new flavour combinations, and most of our soups are our own recipes. We love making food that everyone can eat, which is why you’ll always find a good choice of vegan soups, and why we make sure that almost all of our soups are naturally gluten-free.

We have over 80 recipes and we change the soup menu daily. Below is a selection of the soups you will find at Union of Genius.

Caldo Verde: our classic soup. Deeply savoury, peppery-smoky with chorizo, potato and kale, this soup has been on our menu since we opened.

Roast Cauliflower: Cauliflower and cumin, roasted together for maximum sweetness and then topped with almondy crunch.

Butternut and Bacon: silky-smooth butternut, perfumed with deep smoky bacon. Simple, and utterly delicious.

Lebanese Lentil: a light-flavoured soup with richness. Puy lentils give a nutty savour which is balanced by lemon and za’atar. Includes spinach for those looking for Popeye-like muscles.

Sweet Potato, Coconut and Tamarind: Rich, satiny sweet potatoes are given zing and zip with ginger, chilli and sweet-sharp tamarind. A winter warmer to toast you up.

Cock-a-leekie: a real Scots classic. Chicken, leeks and prunes sound like an unlikely trio but they meld into a beautifully balanced savoury soup with tiny hints of fruit.

The Awesome Swede: a trio to raise an eyebrow at – Swede and cardamom with black tea.

Coronation Chicken: fruity, lightly curried, sweetly savoury. Normally found between two slices of bread, but we prefer it as soup.

The Big Green: courgette and spinach. This adaptable beauty can be finished in two different ways to suit the weather – we serve it hot on a chilly Spring day, or lightly chilled for Summer.

Chic-pea: chickpea with freekeh, spinach and za’atar. Freekeh is smoked green wheat, and this soup is light with deep nutty depths; lemony and savoury. I could run away and live with this soup.

Broccoli and Bacon with Chilli: We love this. Oh yes, we do.