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  • International Soup Swap

    • 17th December 2012 - 11:24 am
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    Love Soup? Swap soup!

    On Sat January 26, 2013 12-3pm we're teaming up with the Forest Cafe and Elephant Juice Food Company to hold the UK's first Soup Swap day. If you love making soup, eating soup and talking soup, this is the day for you. Here's how it works.

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  • The soup of Ezo the Bride

    • 29th November 2012 - 10:31 pm
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    Amy outside Union

    Oh hi there.

    Tomorrow marks the arrival of our third new soup of the week, and one that Elaine’s been dying to make for ages. It’s ‘The Soup of Ezo the Bride’ and it’s bloody delicious.

    Ezo’s soup consists of red lentils, bulgar wheat, tomato, cumin, sumac, mint and biber salcasi, which we now know is a kind of hot paprika paste. A strange, unknown ingredient is guaranteed to light a fire of intrigue in Elaine, and biber salcasi set the kindling ablaze. But it was only the second reason she wanted to make this soup...

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  • Brewlog

    • 25th November 2012 - 8:26 am
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    Brew Lab

    Hello soup fans.

    This week's bloglette is about Brewlab, on South College Street. Run by chums Dave and Tom, the artisan coffee bar opened at the end of August and has been heaving with coffee-craving clientèle ever since.

    But Brewlab is more than just another coffee shop; it's about "exploring the possibilities of coffee." Their (de)caffeinated elixirs are brewed in one of three ways - chemex, V60 or espresso - with a different kind of bean used each week. Trying exciting new coffees and deciding which to order in next is a Sunday ritual that the boys really look forward to. This week they've got their first coffee from Monmouth in London and it tastes of strawberries and apricots. You can find out more about each week's beans on their blog.

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  • Beauty and the Beast

    • 19th November 2012 - 11:02 am
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    Cheryl blending soup

    Dear Soup Fan,

    As you may have guessed, we soupmongers at Union of Genius have been very busy down the soup mines of late.

    Yup, for the last six months we've been making soup like there's no tomorrow. Or rather, like there's a tomorrow where several hundred hungry people, both on your own doorstep and that of six or seven neighbours, are ringing your bell and telling you they need soup.

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