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Hello soup fans.

This week’s bloglette is about Brewlab, on South College Street. Run by chums Dave and Tom, the artisan coffee bar opened at the end of August and has been heaving with coffee-craving client√®le ever since.

But Brewlab is more than just another coffee shop; it’s about “exploring the possibilities of coffee.” Their (de)caffeinated elixirs are brewed in one of three ways – chemex, V60 or espresso – with a different kind of bean used each week. Trying exciting new coffees and deciding which to order in next is a Sunday ritual that the boys really look forward to. This week they’ve got their first coffee from Monmouth in London and it tastes of strawberries and apricots. You can find out more about each week’s beans on their blog.

Brewlab also serve up amazing Lovecrumbs cake, handmade sandwiches and, of course, fantastic soup (or so I’ve heard). After the coffee, Dave reckons one of the best bits about Brewlab is the grub they serve, because everyone who supplies them “really, really, really cares about what they’re doing.” And it’s that sort of passion that drove the creation of Brewlab: after a few years working “real jobs,” Dave and Tom decided it was time to realise their graduation dream. “We went for a trip to London to visit all the amazing coffee shops down there, saw all the exciting things being done with brewed single origin-coffee and decided to open a brew bar in Edinburgh.” It took a few years, but it was worth it.

Dave and Tom were two of our favourite regulars, coming in on a daily basis whilst Brewlab was being fitted out. We were sad to lose them to their own shop, but at least they’re only around the corner. And we’re thrilled to be a part of their story.

Brewlab has a different soup on every day, as well as a Union of Genius salad. They’re open til 6pm, 7 days a week. Dave’s favourite soup is bacon and sweetcorn chowder, or butternut and bacon. Or maybe¬†caldo verde. “Basically, if it has pork in it, it’s likely I’ll like it.” A man after my own heart.


Amy of Genius x