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You are Amazing!

We wish to take a moment to thank all our wonderful Kickstarter backers for your support and encouragement over the last four weeks. We have been truly astounded and feel very humbled by it. In just 30 days, 283 of you raised £20,630 towards equipping a commercial kitchen and helping us give back to the community through the Care Van and connections to Inspiring Scotland.

Now we’re moving full speed ahead with the project but that doesn’t mean your part in this is over. Our next step is to gather information from everyone so we know exactly what rewards you want and where to send them. We will also be keeping you up to date on our progress through updates on Kickstarter and here on the blog. Although the fund-raising element has ended we hope that you feel you can play a full part in seeing what you have made possible come to fruition.

Once again, from all of us here at Union, from Elaine, Amy, Jani & Cheryl, thank you for everything you have done.