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The Joy of Carrots

Yup. This is a blog about carrots – and the reason why. Read on, my friends, for carrot-based frivolity awaits you.


“I don’t get enough content for the website!” bemoaned Jan at a recent meeting.

“It’s hard enough coming up with content for Facebook!” I moaned back, “let alone topics for blogs.”

“THE JOY OF CARROTS!” squealed Bruce (I did NOT squeal – Bruce), in a moment of boyish excitement. God knows what he was really thinking about.

“Hahaha!” we all chorused, ever supportive of our colleagues.

“What a ridiculous blog topic,” I pooh-poohed. “Even if I did already write one about swede. And celeriac. Hmmm.”

The Joy of Carrots!A moment passed.

“I bet you don’t know that carrots were first cultivated in Afghanistan,” proffered Elaine, as always defensive of vegetables, the root of her business’s success. (GEDDIT!)

“I bet you don’t know that the reason carrots are orange is because the Dutch developed the strain we mostly eat today,” retorted Bruce, not to be outdone in the realm of trivial vegetable knowledge. “There used to be lots of different colours of carrots – Elaine longs to make a rainbow soup from them – but the Dutch decided to grow one kind, and of course they picked orange.”

“Well, if you eat too many carrots, your feet split open due to excess vitamin A,” Elaine counteracted, somewhat unpleasantly.

“Gross,” I commented. “Bet you don’t know what pastinacean means.” Silence. “It’s a kin to a parsnip. So a carrot is pastinacean.” Silence.


Hours, possibly days, have passed since I reported that dialogue. It was, honestly, a productive meeting. And now, tip-tap-typing away, I’m on to Wikipedia (how do you think I got this first class degree?) to verify Elaine and Bruce’s bizarre facts. Long story short, the Dutch and Afghanistan tidbits are true, but I have now discovered more wonderful carrot things. *Addition 14/06/20 – Happy DIY Home on how to grow your own carrots

I was going to share multiple carrot facts – there are so many! – but the clock ticks and sleep calls. Perhaps I will start a carrot dedicated blog, instead… Focus Amy! But for now, I will leave you with this one typically Wikipedian gem. Ah. The Joy of Carrots!

DID YOU KNOW – this is so good! – that the carrot we most commonly enjoy is a domesticated version of a wild carrot?

Can you even imagine a wild carrot? That’s like saying my cat, Fudge, is like a domesticated version of a lion!

Does the wild carrot prowl through the jungle, with a big green leafy mane, preying on smaller, unsuspecting vegetables?

Do courgettes cower in fear when they hear the undeniably-Kit Kat-esque crunch crunch crunch of a wild carrot approaching? Gosh, I do hope so.

…and I’m going to leave you with that image. Good night!